Matching Mother Daughter Outfits by Miss Betty Doll

Hi all you lovely ladies! I am so excited to have the opportunity to write a guest post for the lovely Jessica of Pin Up Persuasion. I have been following this blog for years and think the world of it and its writer.

I’m here today to cover a topic some of you retro lovers may or not be aware of – matching your outfit to your daughters! I match my little Selene every single day. It’s ridiculous. It’s kinda pathetic. But it makes me so happy! You see, my husbands family is chock-full of males, so I knew my chances of having a baby girl were slim. And then I had a dream I would have a baby girl with big, beautiful blue eyes. Nine months later, there she was 🙂 Months before she even arrived, my co-workers watched me receive package after package of goodies to dress her in. At first I just went after the outfits I had always thought would be cute- disney princess outfits, Pumpkin Patch dresses and the like. Girls really are so much fun! But then I came across this image of Sabina Kelly and her daughter and thought I should try purchasing her one or two outfits that match what I have in my wardrobe – perhaps for a special event.

image 1But then I had her, and within a few months I found myself matching with her every single day. I don’t know what her style will be as she gets older, and since she’s too little to tell me or dress herself, I figure I may as well take full advantage!

As you can see below, matching outfits were fairly common in the 1950’s and 60’s.

image 2 image 3 image 4There are oodles of images of us matching on my instagram account, and women often ask me how I do it, where to begin, etc. So, here’s how I got started.

First, I found that each of us having an outfit in every color helped. Being an avid collector of modern pinup clothing, I was already covered. So for Selene, I started at Pumpkin Patch (I find mysel wishing their dresses came in adult sizes, so they must be a little pinup, eh?) and then filled in any missing pieces with off brand clothing from Big W (Wal-mart in America, Big W here in Australia!) and Kmart. I don’t actually buy identical pieces, I just match our color palette and patterns to get a similar look.

Here’s some examples:

image 5 image 6 image 7 image 8 image 17 image 16Sometimes I may have a patterned dress for myself and a plain colored dress for Selene. In those cases, I like to accessorize her until we’re twinning it 😉

Here, I have a floral dress for myself and a plain yellow outfit for Selene. I popped a little red rose in her hair (just a hair clip from a costume jewelry store) and voila! We match.

9 10Selene’s outfit – Big W, red rose is a hair clip from local accessory shop. My outfit – Bernie Dexter dress, Lila Jo hair flower

In this outfit Selene’s dress was patterned and my dress was more plain, so I added matching colors with my belt and hair flower.

11Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress and etsy hair bow. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing dress and seperate belt, Lila Jo hair flower

Then there’s days where I just have to match her Disney outfits, and feel like it’s such a shame I can’t go Disney bounding around Disneyland! Ah, how I miss living in America.

12 13Selene’s outfit – Minnie Mouse onesie from The Disney Store. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing Top and Skirt, Lila Jo hair bow

Finally, sometimes I run across dresses that match so well, I have to text one of my girlfriends and tell them I am having a match-gasm. Seriously. I have those.

14 15Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress, etsy hair bow. My outfit – Le Bomb Shop dress, Lila Jo headband

I’m still on maternity leave, and of course when I do go back to work I won’t be doing this daily any more. But I find that matching my daughter is super fun, and makes even little errands an event. Motherhood is hard, and matching gives me a little purpose every day, and a routine. When she grows older, I can imagine us only doing this once in awhile. I’m soaking it in while I can.

So for all you beautiful ladies with little daughters (or neices!), try color-coordinating for your next outing and tell me you don’t love it 🙂

Miss Betty Doll