The Changing Seasons

As I left the house early Monday morning for work, I was met with the harsh reality winter is not far away as the temperature was hovering just above the freezing point (34℉/1℃). I have refused to give up on wearing pretty dress just yet and I knew it was time to bring out the big guns with my warmest outerwear to prolong dress season a little while longer. There are very few vintage reproduction clothing brands that manufacture winter outerwear but luckily, Hell Bunny Clothing is one that we can always count on to bring warmth in fashionable designs. When JBR Clothing brought in the latest styles and colours for the 2014/2015 Collection, I was instantly taken with the Angeline in Teal.

Available in sizes XS-3XL in a variety of colours ~ MSRP $179

IMG_4140When it comes to sizing with outerwear, I would recommend you consult with the JBR team to ensure you’ll find the right fit. Since coats are made to wear over layers, you want to ensure to have enough room in the shoulders and to comfortably button/zip without any pulling whatsoever. Based on Rachel’s recommendation, I went with the size Medium for a comfortable fit. When the Angeline arrived, the first thing I noticed was the substantial weight of the coat. This made me quite excited as I knew it was going to be fitting for our cold Canadian winters. The intricate details like the crochet detail with decorative bow, thick faux-fur trim, front & back box pleats, and ornamental oversize buttons are what make the Angeline so unique. It is fully lined in black satin look polyester and the outer shell made from a thick polyester/viscose mix. Even though there is no wool in the fabric, that doesn’t deter from the weight of the composition.

IMG_4122 IMG_4129The Angeline provides the versatility to wear the collar buttoned up for added warmth on the coldest days or folder down when it’s not quite so brisk. With the box pleat design, it’s perfect to wear over your circle skirts or swing dresses including crinoline with zero fuss (as seen in my photos). Since the fabric is 100% synthetic, I would venture to say you will be required to add some layering underneath on the coldest of days. In comparison to the Hell Bunny Sarah Jane Coat (which I also own), I find the Angeline to be warmer due to the ample weight of the design. I also prefer the longer length of the Angeline compared to the Sarah Jane as it prevents your skirts from getting caught in the wind on those blustery occasions.

IMG_4121Since not all of my readers live in cold Canadian climates, I wanted to make note that Hell Bunny offers a variety of designs suitable for fall like temps to fierce winters. JBR Clothing also carries the Millie (lightweight) which perfect for early fall or spring, it does run large and is recommend to size down; the Amazon (lightweight) is a lovely tweed with roomier sleeves & runs generous in sizing; the Coleen (medium weight) is a sure staple piece & runs true to size; the Sarah Jane (medium weight) has quilted lining & runs true to size; the Vivien (medium warmth) with a 1940s feel & is recommended to size up for layering like the Angeline. I find adding one style each year to my collection will provide the versatility needed for the changing seasons.

IMG_4133 IMG_4135It is exciting to have such a stunning selection of outerwear that pairs beautifully with our pinup wardrobes and allows us to wear our fabulous frocks year round. Hell Bunny has embraced the needs of those who live in colder climates and has truly outdone themselves with the versatility and functionality of all of their designs at affordable prices. Make sure to check out JBR Clothing’s selection of coats (SHOP HERE) during their 15% off Halloween sale that ends 11/02. (code HALLOWEEN15)

Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.

The biggest shopping day of the year in the US is known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But for Canadians, it’s Boxing Day! Once you’ve finished opening all your presents on Christmas, you head to the stores for massive deals on the 26th. Being that I have worked in retail all my life, the last place I want to be is in a store on that day. It is much more convenient to shop online to avoid the crowds, lines and most importantly, spend more time with family. Last year there was only one thing on my must have list and I made sure to order as soon as the clock stroked midnight…the Hell Bunny Sarah Jane Coat from

Available in sizes XS-4XL in Red or Black ~ MSRP $130CAD


IMG_1952If you have ever tried Hell Bunny clothing before, you will know their sizing is quite generous overall. With most of my dresses being a size Small, I ordered the Sarah Jane Coat in the same. Needless to say, the fit was spot on and there is room for layers underneath as well. The Sarah Jane Coat is ideal to wear over your swing skirts and dresses due to the fabulous flared hemline. Not only is it beautiful, the Sarah Jane Coat is quite warm with a thick quilted lining on the interior. The faux fur trim and corset laced back are what makes this coat stand out from the rest. I love that the fur trim hood with pom poms is easily removed with a few buttons, versatile for the ever changing winter months here in Canada.

IMG_1959As most of you know, we don’t live in Igloos in Canada but we do have some blistering cold winters every year with tons of snow. Finding stylish outerwear that is also functional (ie: warm) is not easy to find. The Sarah Jane Coat was an instant win, perfect for those cold and windy days. I love the quilted lining since it truly breaks the wind from going right through you. The length it perfect, even only being 5’ -4” tall. It’s great to have coats of varying lengths in your closet; you never know which one will compliment your outfit the best.

IMG_1960Wherever I go, I get nothing but compliments on the Sarah Jane Coat. People are just drawn to its originality and truly a statement piece. It’s always a nice treat to find such amazing items on sale but the Sarah Jane Coat is definitely worth the investment even at regular price. I am beyond excited to add more retro inspired coats to my collection and now have my eye on the Angeline in black.