Suffering From Buyers Remorse

Have you ever purchased something that left you wondering if you made the right choice? That constant lingering feeling that maybe you should have gotten the other one. Doubt can be a very hard emotion to let go when you are always left wondering, “what if?” From the very moment Pinup Girl Clothing released the Monica in red, black and gold…I struggled with the decision between red and black. Maybe it was because the red sold out so quickly or I somehow convinced myself that black was more versatile…I inevitably chose black. Do not get me wrong, the black is spectacular…but I always doubted that the red was the better choice. Needless to say, when had their epic Boxing Day Sale I finally indulged in purchasing the Monica in red.

Available in sizes XS to 2X in a variety of colours ~ MSRP $140-180USD

IMG_2204Last December (2012), I reviewed the Monica for the first time and expressed my opinions on the overall fit when my measurements were 36-29-42 wearing a size Medium. Although I have lost a significant amount of weight since that time, I felt it was best to stick with a Medium as my current measurements (36-27-39) did not permit me to size down. In comparison to my previous review, the Monica fit much better overall and I probably should have gone with a size Large originally. The Monica features a built in shaper, concealed by the fabulous draping and gathers of the jersey knit. One major improvement I found was with the clear elastic that holds the sleeves off the shoulders to sit a lot more comfortably. I suspect this is probably simply due to the sizing being more compatible with my current measurements. The Monica’s design structure is key in creating a sexy and sleek hourglass silhouette. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knee.

IMG_2196Now here comes the answer to the yearlong question…black or red? RED!!! I absolutely adore the Monica in red, considerably more than I ever did the black. This is probably a very good indication of why I do not own any black in my wardrobe, it’s just not me! Yes it’s known to be slimming and a fabulous wardrobe staple but I always gravitate to brighter colors. The Monica fits me much better now and this is how I know the Medium was not the correct size when I was 36-29-42. Originally I feared ripping the delicate seams even when opening the invisible side zipper, which is now a breeze to slip into. The built in shaper is slimming in the right places and I only added the Rago 1294 girdle to create the illusion of a flawless silhouette.

IMG_2197IMG_2209The Monica is not a look that can go from day to evening; its pure sex appeal is the epitome of old Hollywood Glamour idyllic for evening. If you’re looking for a fabulous dress to go on the town, this is it! Recently I saw the stunning Erika Reno transform the Monica in white into the most breathtaking wedding dress by pairing it with a rhinestone belt and adding a tulle skirt to create a floor length gown. The clean lines of the design make it so simple to accessorize, the options are endless.

IMG_2207It has been an eye opening experience to go back on older reviews and truly learn from them. Although the Monica was a lovely dress from the very beginning, I discovered how much I love her after going with my gut and purchasing the color that always lingered in my thoughts. Needless to say, getting it on sale was an added bonus as well.

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A Change of Heart

Often times there are certain styles or designs that I find quite lovely but can’t help feeling they are best suited for other pretty ladies. After becoming a clothing hoarder in earlier times, I have forced myself to make wiser purchases and not try to own everything that I find delightful. This is no easy task when you see these beauties on other fans and wished you owned it too. When Pinup Girl Clothing first released the Jenny in both skirts and dresses, they quickly became an instant fan favorite. For months I held strong…that is until I saw the Jenny in Cherry Border Print on fellow PUG fans like Miss Victory Violet. Sadly they sold out almost immediately and weren’t restocked in time for my Black Friday order. To my surprise one of my favorite Canadian Retailers, had the Jenny available during their incredible Boxing Day Sale. It was meant to be!

Available in sizes XS to 2X in a variety of colors & prints ~ MSRP $142USD

IMG_2156When ordering PUG, it is always recommended to follow the size chart along with the notes stating to size up or down based on the particular style. I had heard other PUG fans were finding the Jenny to come up small in the waist and suggested sizing up. After checking with a couple close friends who own the Jenny, I decided it was best to follow the size chart and ordered a size Medium based on my measurements (36-28-40). This was definitely the right call, the size Medium fit wonderfully in both the bust and waist. If you happen to be in between sizes, go by your largest measurement since the Jenny has no stretch in the cotton sateen fabric. The Jenny is designed with a built in boning throughout the bodice with adjustable straps and full gathered skirt. I absolutely love the adjustable straps since this avoids the need for alterations; something I often have to do because straps are always way too long. The Jenny comes with a contrasting grommet belt, ideal to cinch the waist and stays in place unlike the slide styles. At 5′-4″, the full skirt falls just below the knee.

IMG_2157Initially the Jenny did not really appeal to me simply because the solid shades were just not my preferred color choices. It was exciting to see more colorways and fun prints being released shortly there after. Seeing that the PUG Heidi in cherry is one of my all time favorite dresses, I knew the cherry border print Jenny was going to be the same. The print is absolutely incredible and I really appreciate how it’s quite different than what we have seen before with the over saturation of cherry motifs these days. Over time, I do anticipate having to remove the built in plastic boning as it is bound to warp when sitting for long periods at my desk.

IMG_2145The versatility of the simplistic design makes it perfect for a variety of occasions. Pair it with a cute cropped cardigan and round toe pumps for a look that will go from day to night. The gathers in the full skirt create a lovely fullness, no petticoat required.

IMG_2144Once we overcome this brutal winter, I cannot wait to wear my Jenny to work and everywhere else for that matter. I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to buying a particular dress…you never know which one may turn up in your closet.