Korean Skincare Routine by Alice

Some of you may have heard of the Korea Skincare Routine before. For those who haven’t, it’s how women in Korea, and other Asian countries like Japan, take care of their skin. What’s so special about that? Well, Korean women are addicted to skincare and spend lots of time and money on it, and less red tape in Korea means new products with excellent benefits get released earlier, thus meaning Korea is the skincare capital. Instead of the standard Cleanse/Tone/Moisturize of a western regime, a Korean skincare routine can have 10+ steps! I decided to try this out with Western products, and I am impressed with the results. It doesn’t take long, is really fun to do, and gives you great skin! Here is what I do to incorporate a bit of Korean skincare into my life

Step one: Take off your makeup with an oil cleanser. Or, baby oil. It’s cheap and effective. And no, it won’t clog your pores. Oil cleansing is much more effective for your skin, even if you have oily skin. How does that work? Well, oil doesn’t dissolve in water. So washing your face with water won’t do anything. What about products specifically targeted for oily skin? AVOID. What these do is strip the layers from your skin, which makes your skin panic as it thinks it’s drying out. How does it respond? It produces more oil. Oil cleansing, however, gently dissolves excess oil with oil, and then you wipe it off. Simple, cheap, and effective.

Step two: Wash your face with a foam cleanser! Over here, it’s really common to take your makeup off and then moisturize. Taking your makeup off is great, but it doesn’t actually clean the skin properly. A foaming facial wash is gentle and will cleanse your face. Here’s me doing mine. Excuse the turban chic, I’d just got out the shower. Foam mustache optional.

IMG_1279Step three: Tone your face. You want to do this with an alcohol free toner, as alcohol dries the skin, leading to increased oil production. Saturate a pad in toner, and wipe it over your face

collage1Step four: This is where the routine starts to differ. Typically in Korea, they use essence or serum, a liquid concentrated with skincare goods. For me, I use neroli oil. It’s brilliant for my dry skin. However, there are many different types of facial serum, for all different skin types, so use one that suits you. I use one pump and apply it to my face and neck

IMG_1286Step five: Eye cream! I have dark circles, and so I use one specifically for that, however any eye cream is fine to use. The amount on my finger is enough for both eyes. I use my middle finger to apply eye cream as I find it easier. That’s how I apply it, I’m not flipping you off.

collage2Step six: Moisturize! I use Olay, but use what brand suits you. I take a generous amount of moisturizer, and moisturize my face and neck. That’s it!

I’ve been doing this for about six weeks and seen a real improvement in my skin. I have dry skin, and this has made a huge difference. I should also add I drink 2L of water a day and make an effort to eat skin superfoods, which also helps my skin. Hope you found this helpful!


Thank you so much to Alice from http://www.thelipsticklexicon.com for her very informative skincare regime. I will surely be trying these new techniques as well!