Guest Post – One Skirt, Three Ways: Watermelon Connection by Emily

Hi, I’m Emily of Thoroughly Modern Emily, and I’m pleased as punch to be filling in for Jessica here at Pinup Persuasion! This is one of the very first blogs I discovered when I began my retro style journey, and I spent many a night binge-reading the archives here until the wee hours. Fun fact: the first time I ever saw a Bernie Dexter dress was on this very blog. Seeing as I’m 5’2” if we’re being generous, I love seeing how the lovely clothes I’m eyeing look on Jessica!

Photo #1The author in her natural state of being.

If we ever met in real life, here’s what you’d know about me within the first ten minutes: I haven’t worn pants in approximately two years, I’m the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, and I have very strong feelings about everything. Everything. Oh, and I am constantly in need of a haircut.

One of my favorite things to do on my own blog is a series of ‘One Piece, Three Ways’ posts, so that’s what I’ve decided to share with you today! I’m totally obsessed with fruit prints, especially watermelon (which I also love to eat) and strawberry (which I do not love to eat at all), so when I saw this skirt for the first time, I absolutely lost my mind over it. I believe I left a mostly incoherent excited-keyboard-mash/“where did you get this I NEED IT” comment on a friend’s Instagram account, and she kindly directed me to Unique Vintage. It was on backorder (still is, in fact). I bought it anyway.

Photo #2When it finally arrived about two weeks ago, I knew it deserved its very own three-ways post! It’s vibrant and full, with nice deep pockets and a big covered button at the waistband. On my 5’2ish frame, it hits just below the knee, which is my favorite length for skirts and dresses. It was so easy to think up fun outfits for this amazing piece.

Photo #3 - CollageOutfit #1

Photo #4I’m on a mission to single-handedly make spring come to Chicago, one pastel at a time.

This is probably my favorite of the three outfits, which is a bit of a surprise, since I spent almost a decade of my life wearing head-to-toe black. Since I moved to Chicago from sunny Southern California, though, I’ve discovered that colors are basically the best thing ever. This outfit definitely encapsulates the direction I’ve been heading in, style-wise: there are lots of bright colors working harmoniously together to make me happy!

This outfit also gave me the perfect excuse to bust out one of my all-time favorite brooches from my all-time favorite brooch maker: this Star Wars TV from Atomic Lucite! I’ve written about Atomic Lucite on my blog, but since writing that post, I’ve acquired a zillion more of their beautiful pieces and another jewelry box to hold them all. I now have a Snape TV brooch (all the feels), a lightsaber-duel TV, and a custom-order Jon Stewart TV, and every time I wear them, I spend most of the day looking down at them and grinning. But I digress.

Photo #5The obligatory ‘full skirt = all-day twirling’ photo.

Photo #6Outfit Details:

Top and Cardigan: Forever 21, from ages ago.

Belt: Modcloth (available in grey)

Purse: Pinup Girl Clothing, restocking soon!

Shoes: Steve Madden Brooch: Atomic Lucite

Outfit #2

Photo #7My mission in life: to discover every single shade of brick building in Chicago.

I’m gonna be honest with you: I almost tossed this gingham shirt from H&M in the Great Move of 2015. The only reason I didn’t was the serious sentimental value of hanging on to something I wore nonstop in college. When this skirt arrived, though, this shirt found a reason to live again. Paired with a wide belt, my favorite black-and-white purse, these silver flats, and my direwolf brooch (!!!), this skirt is ready for summer festivals in Millennium Park and picnics on Lake Michigan.

Photo #8I got these strawberry earrings in Tokyo in 2005, and when I thought I’d lost them in senior year of college, I actually cried.

Photo #9Outfit Details:

Top: H&M, a long time ago in a mall far, far away

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing, secondhand Brooch: Atomic Lucite

Shoes: Ross Dress For Less

Purse: Banana Republic

Outfit #3

Photo #10My final outfit is perfect for a night out, and as a bonus, it’s full of polka-dotty goodness! This top also narrowly survived my pre-move closet cleanout, and once again, I’m not sure what made me think I could possibly live without it! I happened to see this Disney castle brooch on JollyHollieday’s Instagram and immediately snapped it up. The pink and green work well with the hues of the skirt, and since Disneyland is a special place to my fiancé and me, I’d wear this brooch for a night out and take a stroll down memory lane.

Photo #11Outfit Details:

Top: Anthropologie

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing Brooch: JollyHollieday

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Now that you’ve seen them all, which outfit is your favorite? I’ve got a bonus outfit featuring this skirt on my blog today, and I’d love to hear what you think of it! It’s been an honor to write for you all, and I hope to see you on Instagram (I’m @emily.hallock), Facebook, or over on my blog!

The Promise of Spring’s Arrival

With the temperatures slowly climbling up, I cannot help being overjoyed at the thought of Spring around the corner. Spring is the official kick off of dress and skirt season for many of us that live in colder climates with bitter long winters. Long before the hints of warmer days hit, I am eagerly shopping the new Spring/Summer collections from our favorite designers. With a total weakness for all things floral, I was on cloud nine when Unique Vintage released the 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress.

Available in sizes XS-XL ~MSRP $98USD

IMG_7427For those of you not familiar with Unique Vintage brand sizing, they use a universal chart for all their designs and often include the size worn by the model with her measurements. In my experience, I find their sizing to run more on the generous side and typically size down since I am in between a Small and Medium. In comparison, the size Small should fit 34” bust (mine 36”), waist 26” (mine 27”) and there is still ample room for comfort despite exceeding the maximum recommended measurements. When the 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress arrived, I was in total reverence of how striking the bold blue floral print truly was in person. As I suspected, the fit is as I am accustomed to with UV and there was no need to worry about sizing down. I can easily wear my favorite strapless bra and not have to be concerned about too much cleavage. The waist is actually a bit loose on me but thankfully this a very simple alteration for my seamstress to adjust. The 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress features a sweetheart neckline with décolletage enhancing center pleats that can be worn strapless or with the included straps, a nipped in waist with full circle skirt, soft inner lining, nifty hidden pockets and back zipper closure. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_7415 IMG_7414There is no doubt in my mind that the 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress embodies the true splendor of Spring. The watercolour floral print is soft yet it makes such a bold statement due to its undeniable beauty. Blue is not a colour that I tend to gravitate towards lately but I am so glad that I went against my wardrobe instincts because it does look phenomenal with red hair. I really love the pleating in the bodice as it gives the bust line a more defined shape and creates subtle focal point. Having the option of wearing a dress two different ways is such a great feature to have; I can go strapless for those more elegant occasions or attach the straps for work and add a cardigan or bolero. There is no need to worry about transparency with white background when paired nude undergarments, the fabric is amazing quality and is very substantial in weight. This will surely be one of my go dresses all summer long since it’s perfect to dress up or down for just about any occasion.

IMG_7417 IMG_7428I can certainly see that the options for accessorizing the 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress are endless and so fun to showcase your personal style. Seeing as I am a diehard 50’s lover, I chose to pair it with a vintage white beaded necklace, a thin white belt and my BAIT blue peep toe wedges for a pop of colour. With the skirt being a very full circle, I truly loved how adding a petticoat really showcased the beauty of watercolour floral print wonderfully.

IMG_7424 IMG_7422Unique Vintage not only created a breathtaking floral masterpiece but they did so at a very affordable price for the budget conscious shopper. With clothing prices constantly rising, it is getting harder and harder to find quality vintage inspired swing dresses for under $100. The 1950s Blue Watercolor Floral June Swing Dress is a limited edition print so make sure to grab your size before they sell out forever!