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Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20th Anniversary Recap

With much anticipation leading up to the Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20th Anniversary, I can say that the overall experience was very different that any previous we had attended. The best way to describe it was the vibe felt very chill, everyone was extremely laid back. That said, there was a lot of controversy with long line ups to see the musical acts, main events and constant over crowding issues. This among other unexpected situations caused massive frustration and lead to many unhappy attendees. Of course we did not let any of those unfortunate things ruin our Viva experience, we chose to go with the flow and partake in some new Viva events that we had missed out on previously. Here’s a daily recap our time at VLV20 and I must apologize well in advance for taking so few photos this year…


The first day is always rather quiet with attendees still arriving from all over the globe. Most International visitors tend to arrive earlier in the week to acclimate to the time change and to explore Vegas since they are coming from so far away. We took this opportunity to visit the well known Charleston Antique Mall, something we really enjoyed in years past. My favorite stall that always had a beautiful array of vintage clothing was no longer there but it was replaced with the most exquisite collection of lucite handbags that I have ever seen in person. Unfortunately I only window shopped as they all came without a hefty price tag averaging $150-300USD. Luckily I did not leave empty handed, I picked up these lovely red embroidered gloves with matching handkerchief for $15. Before returning to the hotel, we stopped at the grocery store to load up on water along with snacks and breakfast foods to save on dining out all three meals each day.

Once back at the Orleans, we ventured around the hotel and braced ourselves for the mad rush when the vendor rooms opened at 5pm. As you can expect, it was utter chaos and impossible to move in the massive crowds. I quickly made my way to my favorite vintage vendor as I always find a few great pieces there and luckily scored this beautiful vintage scenic Cypress skirt. Before calling it quits, I made my way to the Atomic Swag booth to meet the wonderful owner Michelle for the first time. There I picked up three tshirts for me and one for the hubby. That was enough for us, we would go back later in the evening when the crowds died down.

That evening our friends from Minnesota organized a dinner at the Golden Steer Restaurant, a true Las Vegas landmark since 1958. The location appears to be nothing special from the outside but the interior decor was like walking back in time. Our group was dressed to impress, a lovely collection of fabulous vintage evening wear. Sadly we didn’t get any photos of all of us, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Dinner was delicious and none of us left hungry.


The hubby woke up early (6:30am) and immediately headed down to go wait in line for burlesque tickets. This gave me the opportunity to get ready and meet him in line. The line was insane, snaking around and around estimated at over 2500 people. Luckily for us, we were towards the front and scored tickets to the 9pm show featuring Dita Von Teese.  The hubby made his way to the pool while I quickly went up to the bowling alley when it opened at noon. I was on a mission to visit the vendor Vintage Blue Moon as she previewed some incredible pieces on Instagram. Instantly I spotted the most gorgeous Alfred Shaheen dress on the mannequin and fell in love. With a little persistence, we were able to compromise on the price since I knew it was going to blow my spending budget out of the window but this dress was SO worth it! Quickly I made my way to the Viva Fashion Show, one of the events I always missed in previous years. Knowing a few of the independent designers (Ains & Elke Stylehaus, Prettie Lanes & Rebel Love Clothing) who were taking part, I committed to be there to show my support. These ladies all did such a phenomenal job, the models and designs wowed the crowd. The show stopper was hands down Prettie Lanes…we were instantly teleported back to the 1950’s where the women did not leave the house without looking flawless from head to toe. Here’s a teaser video so you can see for yourselves:

After the fashion show, I quickly changed into a comfortable vintage playsuit to join the hubby and our friends for an afternoon lounging in our pool cabana. We were joined by some amazing company: Miss Mae Laroux, Jessica well known as NoAccountingforTaste on IG(follow her, you can thank me later), Siobhan and her lovely friends from the UK. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm and not super windy like the day before. Jessica was our unofficial photographer to capture our poolside attire.

The hubby and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at the Ondori Asian Kitchen before attending the Viva Burlesque Showcase at 9pm. To our surprise, the show began much later than scheduled but we found ourselves in very good company sitting in front of Karianne (Miss_Sneakytiki) who I have known for a couple years now through Instagram. Of course Dita Von Teese was all glitz and grace performing her infamous martini glass and revamped Cowgirl acts. It was a wonderful show featuring several talented burlesque performers and the hilarious Murray Hill. As we exited the theater, there was a insane amount of people crowded outside in the casino area…something was not right. We bumped into friends who informed us that there was an issue upstairs and the police we on scene and everyone was being redirected downstairs. Rumors later came out that it was due to overcrowding issues and some individuals getting out of hand.


Car Show Day! This is by far my favorite event at Viva and the one occasion I allow myself to splurge on being pampered by talented stylists. I don’t know how I got so lucky but my glam squad consisted of two of the very best in the industry: makeup by Erika Reno and hair by Madame Pomp. These two ladies are not only super talented, they are total sweethearts! They sure made me feel beautiful, I received so many kind compliments from strangers and some even asked to take my photo. The car show was loads of fun, seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting a few new ones as well. I made sure to go say hello to my favorite shop owners: The Oblong Box Shop, Prettie Lanes, Ains & Elke Style Haus, Rebel Love, etc. We made our way through the vendors and cast our votes for Miss Lily White in the Pinup Contest before taking a break indoors for a late lunch. A quick outfit change into something a little cooler, we made our way back out to peruse the gorgeous classic cars. Overall, I felt this year’s vendors were a lot of the same selling tshirts and nick nacky stuff yet several of the vendors I always love to visit weren’t there sadly. Although I did visit a couple new ones that are worth mentioning: Miss Nouvelle & Star Struck Clothing.

Saturday evening is the big night where everyone goes all out and dresses to the nines…it is always such an incredible night for people/fashion watching! My gown almost did not make it’s debut when the seams along the zipper started to pop just as we were about to leave our room to go to dinner. Fortunately I came prepared with a sewing kit and quickly got to work repairing the zipper so that the dress could make it through the next few hours. Alas, I was ready to go for a nice dinner for two at Alder & Birch. In years past we always attended the Burlesque competition on Saturday night but we decided to switch things up a little. We rounded up a few of our friend for a little Burlesque Bingo. Oddly enough, my hubby was more into playing bingo than watching ladies take their clothes off but it was a interesting night to say the least.


After the hustle and bustle of all the activities at Viva, Sunday is when everyone kicks back and relaxes at the Pool Party. We are early risers so the hubby went down right away to get in line so that we could secure a great spot for the day. Thankfully we got in early and found lounge chairs around the smaller pool as the whole area quickly filled up. I was flabbergasted to hear that the hotel was charging people for chairs, so not cool! As soon as I spotted the lovely Lily White, I went to say hello as I’ve admired her for some time through Instagram. She is truly beautiful inside and out…what a doll. The rest of the day was spent chatting with friends and watching the swimsuit competitions. Boy of boy…was it a scorcher! I threw in the towel late afternoon and went back up to the vendor rooms one last time but left empty handed.

With the weekend now winding down, we opted for a casual dinner at TGI Fridays followed by a couple casual games of bowling. There we met up with the ever so delightful Eleanor Paige who kicked both our butts even wearing a huge puffy petticoat. lol. It was the best way to finish off the weekend, low key and in good company.

As I mentioned previously, Viva 20 would be our last year attending simply because we feel that we’ve experienced what Viva has to offer with this being our fourth time. There are so many other destinations we’d like to travel to next but never say never…we may go back in a few years. Until then, I encourage you all to visit Viva Rockabilly Weekend at least once to check it off your bucket list.









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Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20 Outfits Round Up!

As many of you know, the one thing I truly look forward to when attending the Viva Rockabilly Weekend is getting all dolled up. The guarantee of beautiful hot and sunny weather always makes it the best place to step up my game and really go for it especially at the car show. This year, I chose to shop my closet rather than spending a lot of unnecessary money outfits just for Viva. I am the first to admit that in years’ past, I went way overboard with how much money I spent on outfits just for Viva. Luckily over the years, I have curated a lovely collection of vintage pieces and learned to be way more budget savvy along the way. To complete a few ensembles, I sourced inexpensive staple accessories from Etsy and Ebay that I can wear again. In addition to showcasing each outfit in the round up, I will detail what was from my closet vs purchased.


We flew in that morning from Detroit and I chose to arrive already dressed for a day of exploring Vegas. This entire look was put together from items in my wardrobe.

  • Top: Peasant Top in Mint by Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Skirt: Vintage Novelty Print from Ooh La La Vintage
  • Jewelry: Vintage white beaded necklace from Etsy & bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Vintage wicker handbag from Etsy
  • Shoes: Ballet flats white from Payless


This was the “official” first day of the Viva Rockabilly Weekend but many people were still arriving throughout the day. I was quite excited about this outfit to be quite honest as it is my all time favorite vintage skirt! That said, I opted to custom order this golden yellow top from Violets in May to complete the ensemble beautifully for only $52.

  • Top: Brittany Top in golden yellow by Violets in May
  • Skirt: Vintage Rose Print from The Vintage Mistress
  • Jewelry: Vintage Bakelite thrifted
  • Purse: Vintage wicker handbag from Etsy
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

Mid afternoon, I changed into one of my favorite vintage Hawaiian dresses by Alfred Shaheen. All items were curated from my closet, including this amazing wicker fish handbag that I found on Ebay for under $40.

  • Dress: Vintage Alfred Shaheen from Hidden River Finds Co
  • Jewelry: Vintage wood bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Vintage wicker fish handbag from Ebay
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

In the evening, we went to dinner at The Golden Steer with friends and thus commencing the parade of gorgeous formal attire. I searched high and low on the interwebs for this exact vintage gold atomic necklace that the original seller of this dress had paired it with and luckily found one on Etsy for under $30. Although you cannot see them in my photo, I purchased a staple pair of gold t-strap heels from Royal Vintage Shoes as soon as they were restocked for only $68.


It is no secret that I have a profound adoration for vintage 1950’s Hawaiian clothing, especially by designer Alfred Shaheen. I recently acquire this red and orange dress from Ooh La La Vintage from an old friend and knew it had to make its debut at Viva. Since I often wear a lot of red, I purchased this gorgeous marbled flame red beaded necklace on Etsy for under $50.

  • Dress: Vintage Alfred Shaheen from Ooh La La Vintage
  • Jewelry: Vintage red beaded necklace from Etsy & wooden bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Coconut handbag from Ebay
  • Hairflower: Custom tropical by Miss Sneaky Tiki
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

Friday afternoon, we were fortunate to have a cabana by the pool to lounge with friends. This vintage playsuit was another very recent acquisition from Ooh La La Vintage that I had the elastic shirring restored just in time for Viva.

  • Playsuit: Vintage Kamehamaha from Ooh La La Vintage
  • Jewelry: Wooden bangles thrifted
  • Hairflower: Glitter orchids handmade by a friend
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

Now here I must confess, I searched for a vintage prom dress for almost 2 years in anticipation of wearing it at Viva. It was the one thing I desperately wanted but was not willing to spend an insane amount of money. Fate must have been on my side as I only just found the most perfect one a couple months before for under $200. With little vintage evening jewelry in collection, I picked up a classic rhinestone set from Etsy for under $40 along with this timeless Vintage Silver evening bag for $25 on Ebay.

  • Dress: Vintage blue prom dress from Xatabay Vintage
  • Jewelry: Vintage Rhinestone set from Etsy
  • Purse: Vintage Duramesh silver handbag from Ebay
  • Petticoat: Vintage long petticoat borrowed


One of my favorite events at Viva is the Car Show and I always save my most favorite outfit for that day. As many of you know, I spent many hours restoring this vintage dress in recent weeks and could not wait to wear it for the first time at the Car Show. The morning started off with getting glammed up by two of the most talented ladies in the community, Erika Reno and Madame Pomp. To complete the look, I found this amazing vintage hat on Ebay for under $20 and added a pink millinery rose to coordinate with my dress.

With the hot afternoon sun, I opted to switch into an unplanned outfit for the afternoon in hopes of staying a little cooler. Not only did I receive tons of compliments, the lightweight rayon fabric was so refreshing while we perused the classic cars and vendors. This lovely reproduction 40s loungewear set was custom made using vintage fabric by the incredibly talented Alexandra of California. All pieces were sourced from my closet.

  • Playsuit: 40’s Beach Pajama Set by Alexandra of CA
  • Jewelry: Wooden bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Coconut handbag from Ebay
  • Hairflower: Pineapple by Andy’s Eye Candy
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

Saturday night is when everyone pulls out all the stops and wears their most glamorous evening attire…it is truly a sight to see right out of an old Hollywood movie. In the past, I have splurged on expensive gowns for this occasion but this year I got incredibly lucky when I happened upon this floor length gown with train on Ebay for a insane STEAL!!!! The breathtaking scalloped beaded bodice and beautifully cascading train made me feel like the belle of the ball. Luckily I had my sewing kit for any vintage emergencies as the zipper seams started to let go as soon as I put it on. You just never know what can go wrong with vintage!

  • Dress: Vintage evening gown from Ebay
  • Jewelry: Vintage 20-30’s borrowed
  • Purse: Vintage Lucite gold confetti handbag from Curiosity Shop
  • Shoes: Sergi gold Chelsea Crew T-straps from Royal Vintage Shoes


With Viva winding down, we enjoy spending the day lounging by the pool at the infamous Sunday Pool Party. This year I wanted to be comfortable rather than all gussied up. Since the walk from our room is quite far on top of waiting in line for a while, I couldn’t believe my luck when these green playsuit shorts matched my novelty fish print swimsuit perfectly (yes, completely unplanned). The whole look was created in my closet and so comfy!

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon, I decided to switch up my planned evening look for something a little more comfy. Originally I had planned to wear this Vintage Alfred Shaheen Sarong the afternoon before at the car show. Knowing it could not sit hidden in my suitcase, it made a great evening look for a casual dinner with the hubby.

  • Dress: Vintage Alfred Shaheen Sarong from Ebay
  • Jewelry: Wooden bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Coconut handbag from Ebay
  • Shoes: Malaga in brown by Remix

To finish off our Viva festivities low-key, we enjoyed a couple games of bowling with friends. This was a spare outfit I had packed as this vintage novelty skirt was too darling to not show off. I picked it up recently at The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show last month for under $75.

  • Top: Peasant Top in Orange by Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Skirt: Vintage Novelty Print from Retrouverbiz
  • Jewelry: Vintage Bakelite & plastic bangles thrifted
  • Purse: Vintage wicker handbag from Etsy
  • Shoes: Pleated toe in black by Remix

Normally, Viva is known for a parade of spectacular vintage clothing from around the world but this year felt quite different than years past. There appeared to be very little vintage during the daytime festivities, replaced by a sea of low end reproduction attire (think $20 Ebay knock offs from China). Yes there is something for everyone of course and reproduction clothing can be done extremely well as we all know. Overall, the atmosphere at the 20th Anniversary was really not the same for seasoned attendees. Of course we did not let that ruin our spirits…we did as we always do…HAVE FUN!

Viva has wholeheartedly allowed me to showcase my true love of genuine vintage clothing and I think it is time to bring that to the readers of Pin Up Persuasion. Until now, the blog was primarily focused on vintage reproduction reviews with small snippets of vintage here and there. That is definitely going to change from this moment forward, now with a greater focus on vintage mixed with repro. I would like to ask all of you…what would you like to read in vintage outfit posts? Your recommendations and requests are always welcome! ❤







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Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20th Anniversary

It is hard to believe that we are less than one month away from the Viva Rockabilly Weekend 20th Anniversary!!! This will be our fourth year attending and it will likely be our very last so we are going to enjoy every minute the weekend has to offer. As many of you know, a lot of planning goes into preparing for the big event and it can be a very daunting task for people attending for the first time. Over the years I have shared helpful tips on what to do, what to see, how to pack and much more! If you think I was being sarcastic about outfit planning being done on a spreadsheet, think again! I am busy getting my outfit schedule completed as it truly eliminates the last minute stress on what to pack and wear each day. Luckily I shopped my closet for all outfits this year and simply picked up a few inexpensive vintage accessories from Etsy and Ebay that I can mix and match. Don’t fret if you feel like you have nothing to wear, Viva goers wear jeans and t-shirts to evening gowns…everyone is welcome!!!

Check out our past Viva blog posts that you may find helpful in your preparations for Viva 20 and/or in the years to follow.

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Please follow me on Instagram for live updates from the Viva Rockabilly Weekender 20th anniversary & of course vintage fashion ! A full recap will be on the blog in the weeks to follow.

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When the Flower Blooms

One of the best things about the pinup community is that no matter how large it grows, it doesn’t lose that small quaintness of knowing all the household names. For as long as I can remember being on social media, I always saw endless pinups wearing NicCoco Creations at all of the major events and in their photoshoots. How did one small independent artist become a household name among the pinup elite? I’m not sure exactly when it happened but one faithful day, NicCoco Creations went from a brand that I admired from afar to a lovely new relationship with the creator Nicolle. For several months we discussed different ideas for a collaboration and it was a no brainer that the Viva Rockabilly Weekend was the perfect setting to showcase her creative talent.

For the moment I saw the Idda’s Tropical Storm, I knew I had to have it! Being a sucker for tropical flowers and real-look silk flowers, it was an ideal pairing. Since I didn’t have any outfits in that particular colour combination, Nicolle custom made my very own Idda in orange and green hues to coordinate with my vintage sarong dress. When she sent me photos of the piece in progress, we decided to add a little more orange to the cluster and it turned out so beautifully.

NicCoco NicCoco1 NicCoco2The next piece was a complete custom design that would take center stage with my key outfit for the car show. Nicolle suggested the rich red hibiscus flowers and I wanted to incorporate my love of starfish which pulled from the adorable sea life print in the playsuit. As the design was coming to life, we decide to add a few seashells which tied it all together marvelously. Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit with everyone as I received so many compliments that day. The icing on the cake was when I finally met Nicolle at the car show, she is just as lovely and wonderful in person. She is a TOTAL sweetheart!

NicCoco8 NicCoco7 NicCoco6For the last hair flower, I left all creative freedom to the artist and simply showed the outfit that it was to coordinate with. The dress is a vintage Alfred Shaheen Sarong, in a rich green with bold tropical flowers at the hem. Nicolle seriously hit it out of the park with her artistic flair on this one, it was love at first sight. Orchids are one of my favorite flowers and the vibrant green hues are just splendid. I have a feeling I will be wearing this one any chance I get this summer since it’s such a lovely tropical staple.

NicCoco5 NicCoco4 NicCoco3Not only does NicCoco Creations have incredible artistic talent, but they set a high standard for quality craftsmanship. Each piece is hand sewn onto durable hair comb, which stays securely in place unlike more commonly used alligator clips. For the first time I wasn’t constantly fussing with placement and slipping throughout the day. These babies stayed put! There is by all means a plethora of handmade hair flowers on the market these days but I can say from experience that very few are as wonderfully made as these and at such affordable prices. It’s no wonder she’s made herself a household name among the pinups that we all know and admire.


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