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Evening Delicate Blooms

After the long cold winter months, the sun is shining and the temperatures are slowly rising. Spring has finally sprung which means dress season is well underway on this side of the globe. Mind you, it has been a very wet season thus far but that doesn’t stop us from relishing in the excitement that the new collections bring from our favorite designers. Most of you know that I have a profound adoration of floral prints and I can never get enough of them as there are endless variations of colours, prints and styles to be had. Rarely do we see evening wear options that feature timeless rose prints therefore I simply could not resist the Rosabelle Dress by Voodoo Vixen.

Available in sizes S-XL ~ MSRP £55.00

Although it has been a while since I purchased any new vintage reproduction styles, Voodoo Vixen sizing remains consistent season after season. My measurements (bust 36”, waist 27”) are always in between sizes but luckily I am able to comfortably size down to a Small. The Rosabelle Dress fit impeccably, there was just enough room in the bust and the waist had space for comfort. Thankfully the straps just sat perfectly on my petite shoulders and did not have to be shortened. The Rosabelle Dress features wide V neck with capped sleeves, a figure flattering fitted bodice, flared skirt, and invisible back zipper closure. The sheer overlay gives the classic pink roses a very delicate two dimensional appearance contrasted by the black background. At 5’-4” tall, the hemline falls just below the knees.

I have always valued that Voodoo Vixen offers such unique designs for an affordable price. It is quite rare to find eveningwear options that are versatile for many occasions and won’t break your budget. The Rosabelle Dress is absolutely stunning and fits all of the above. Initially I was unsure of the taffeta type fabric but after a good steaming, all those worries subsided. The sheer printed overlay has a slight shine and really gives a charming two dimensional appearance to the rose print. I think without that, the print would look very flat and lose so much of its evening glam esthetic. Also, the overlay is strategically tacked into place so there is no worry that it will distort the print or risk of being snagged. The deep V neckline is the ideal cut for a subtle sex appeal but not in your face cleavage. The Rosabelle Dress is a true classic design that you can wear on date nights, weddings, or any special occasion.

When I think of evening glamour, I instinctively picture simplicity with a little sparkle. I find less is often more when it comes to accessorizing classic styles like the Rosabelle Dress. One of my readers once gifted me a pair of vintage black earrings that belonged to her grandmother, I treasure them dearly and they are a perfect evening staple. Paired with a simple black beaded bracelet and round toe pumps, I was instantly ready for a night out!

It is rare that I gravitate towards black coloured evening wear but the breathtaking roses made the Rosabelle Dress a must have in my wardrobe. In a sea of day dresses and skirts, it is refreshing to add new pieces that are sure to turn heads at every occasion.




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Pinup Winter Essentials

One of the most common questions I receive from readers, is how to make a pinup wardrobe suitable for the cold winter months? Even I struggle with this dilemma every year living in blistering cold snowy weather almost 6 months of the year. Until recently, I always resorted to fun retro cardigans with basic dress pants for my work attire. The big discovery came when I started seeing gorgeous swing trousers being designed by our house hold repro designers…but would they work for various body types? For those of us who are vertically challenged, buying pants online usually ends in major disappointment. More and more, I saw dames in all shapes and sizes rockin’ trousers like nobody’s business so I knew it was time to take the plunge. Being a sucker for floral print, I was instantly taken by the Voodoo Vixen Natalia Trousers and coordinating Dita Top in burgundy.

Available in sizes S-XL ~ MSRP Trousers £38.00, Top £25.00

img_8569Over the years, I have always found Voodoo Vixen sizing to be cut more generously overall and quite precise with their basic size chart. My waist (28″) put me in between a Small and Medium but my hips (41″) definitely made sizing down a big risk. The decision became much easier since the size Small was already sold out. I opted to go with a size Medium in the Natalia Trousers and size Small in the Dita Top. The trousers arrived first from Voodoo Vixen, promptly as always and I immediately ordered the Dita Top from Retroglam to create the perfect ensemble. With bated breath, I tried them both on together and was blown away at the reflection in the mirror. The Dita Top fit like a glove and had ample stretch get in and our effortlessly. The Natalia Trousers felt like I was walking on a cloud; the waist fit spot on due to the back elastic and the fabric draped beautifully to hide my wide hips. Inspired by fashion Icon herself, the Dita Top features a high neckline with keyhole accent, gathered and puffed sleeves, and made from thick stretchy fabric. The Natalia Trousers feature a high waist with cinching back elastic waistband, wide flared leg design, and of course…front pockets! Made from a luscious silky polyester, the Natalia Trousers are absolutely divine due to the bold floral and leaf print set on striking black. At 5′-4″ tall, I had to wear 3″ heels for the hem length of the trousers.

img_8558 img_8553With every season, I find Voodoo Vixen is blowing us away with better than ever designs. A year ago, I would have never of dreamt of trying the Natalia Trousers and now I could not survive winters without them. They truly feel like you are wearing silk pajamas and you’ll never want to take them off. Initially I was concerned that my tummy pooch would be accentuated due to the high waist and/or the rise would be too long for my short torso but the superb draping of wide legs conceals those trouble areas flawlessly. The elasticized back waistband really helps to give the illusion of a nipped in waist and makes these trousers so darn comfortable. As for the Dita Top, I normally steer clear of puffy style sleeves but I find they are more subtle due to the longer sleeve length and your eyes instantly gravitate to the lovely keyhole with button detail. I was very impressed with the quality and thickness of the fabric, it stretches effortlessly and very complimentary to the figure. These two are a power house when worn together, yet very versatile to be mixed and matched all year round.

img_8572 img_8552What I appreciate the most in a bold floral print is the endless possibilities to accessorize. The deep rich hues in the Natalia Trousers made it a no-brainer to pair with vintage bakelite bangles in burgundy, green and black, finished off with a 1950’s vintage black crochet handbag and basic black pumps. Seeing as I do not wear 3″ heels to work, I will be hemming the trousers a bit shorter in the near future.

img_8565 img_8564Winters just got a lot better now that we have fabulous trousers like the Natalia to get us through until dress season returns. For those of you searching for more versatile separates, the Dita Top will become an instant wardrobe staple for you as well. Currently available in three colours (red, burgundy & bright blue), I hope Voodoo Vixen releases them in a variety of shades like emerald green, black, plum and many more!


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Fanciful Peacock

Novelty prints are the new polka dots in the vintage fashion world these days. The multitude of fun, bold, colourful, and boundless designs have provided us with many choices to showcase our unique personal style. The original vintage counterparts are becoming alarming unaffordable for the budget conscious shopper, but it is with great relief that modern reproduction designers are creating fabulous alternatives for more modest prices. It is no secret that I have a profound adoration for the breathtaking beauty of peacocks and continually seek out new fanciful peacock motifs to add to my collection. As Voodoo Vixen released their new summer collection, I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous turquoise Kate Skirt in peacock print.

Available in sizes S-XL ~ MSRP £32.99

IMG_8046Voodoo Vixen sizing is known to be designed a little more generously in the waist in comparison to the bust area. Thankfully practical separates take some of the guesswork out of having to accommodate our vastly different body proportions. Based on my waist measurement (27″), the size Small would be a spot on and it was. I actually found the waist to be slightly loose, which I actually did not mind at all. A little extra breathing room is great to have since my waist tends to fluctuate up and down regularly. The Kate Skirt features a classic box-pleat flared skirt, with a covered button and back zipper closure. Made from a thick brocade turquoise fabric adorned with striking peacocks accented by pink and red floral print. At 5’4″ tall, the skirt length falls just below the knees.

IMG_8048 IMG_8016Versatile separates like the Kate Skirt are great essentials that can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of combinations to stretch your wardrobe even further. The thick brocade fabric gives the skirt lots of structure with built in volume and extra dimension to the gorgeous novelty print. Surprisingly lightweight and great for everyday wear. An extra bonus is that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle nearly like cotton. The elegant peacocks are not overpowering yet pop beautifully against the vibrant turquoise brocade. I love that there are so many bright colours in the novelty print, making this skirt easy to coordinate with an array of tops in royal blue, white, coral, red and more!IMG_8044

It was so difficult to choose one ensemble to showcase and accessorize as I had endless combinations that would compliment the Kate Skirt wonderfully. Seeing as I always gravitate towards bold summery colours, I thought the Classic Bombshell Tank in Coral from Le Bomb Shop paired perfectly with the pink floral accents along with plastic bangle bracelets in blue/green and my Demi Mint Wedges from BAIT. There is really no need to add a petticoat as the structure really creates that fullness naturally.

IMG_8038 IMG_8037There is something to be said for practical wardrobe staples that allow us to showcase our personal interests on a modest budget. Voodoo Vixen offers fabulous affordable designs like the Kate Skirt while not sacrificing quality. Great news for peacock lovers alike, this stunning novelty print is also available in two dress styles, the Kaylynne and Cindy. As an extra special treat for all Pin Up Persuasion readers, Voodoo Vixen is extending an exclusive 20% off coupon valid site wide until July 31st with code pers20 at checkout!


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Be Merry, Be Fabulous, Be You!

When the seasons begin to change, I find myself eager in anticipation to see all of the new designs being released from our favorite vintage reproduction designers. That said, I was personally on the hunt for practical dresses with longer sleeves to wear through the colder months and most importantly…wouldn’t break the bank just before the holidays. Luckily for us, Voodoo Vixen knew exactly what their customers wanted and released the truly classic Tiger Lilly Flocked Houndstooth Flare Dress.

Available in sizes S-4X ~ MSRP £62

IMG_6777In my experience, I find Voodoo Vixen sizing to be rather generous all over therefore I am able to size down to a Small despite my bust measurement (36″) exceeding the maximum by 2″. The Tiger Lilly Dress was no exception, the bust fit splendidly and the waist was a little loose but this was easily fixed by cinching the belt tighter. I was most thrilled that the shoulders  sat perfectly on my petite frame, something that is a constant challenge with these particular styles of bodices. The Tiger Lilly Dress features an asymmetrical wide collar, button bodice detail, elbow length sleeves, a flared skirt with matching belt and zippered back closure. The flocked hounds-tooth fabric is soft to the touch and has a slight stretch which hugs your curves effortlessly. At 5′-4″ tall, the flared skirt falls just below the knees.

IMG_6787 IMG_6770The Tiger Lilly Flocked Houndstooth Flare Dress is one of those classic styles that will remain a go to staple year after year. The subtle black and white check pattern makes it super versatile for a variety of events. If you have never owned something made from “flocked” fabric, be sure to adhere to the wash tags as it takes extra special care to maintain. Whatever you do, don’t use a hot iron because that will instantly melt the flocking, leading to irreparable damage to your new dress. I personally ironed mine inside out and then on a very cool setting to remove the packaging creases. One thing I found a bit odd was that the coordinating belt was ridiculously long, I had to pin mine around the back despite it being labelled a size small. Some of you may have quickly spotted the functional pockets, the black trimming detail makes it even more pleasing on the eyes.

IMG_6778 IMG_6784It has become a personal style fundamental to pair black and white patterns with bright pops of red…I simply could not resist doing so with the Tiger Lilly Dress. Although I wore the coordinating belt, I can definitely see myself switching it up for a vibrant cherry red to go with these Madden Girl Pumps. For a little more unique touch, add a lovely novelty brooch on the collar. The flared skirt is meant to drape naturally, no need for a petticoat this time ladies. This classic design will also look remarkable with bold coloured or monochromatic patterned tights to get you through those very cold winter months.

IMG_6781 IMG_6766If you are looking for a fabulous holiday outfit that can be worn again and again, the Tiger Lilly Dress undeniably fits the bill. Even if your family is super casual like mine, I think this ensemble will be casual enough to not raise an eyebrow from across the room and allow you to show off your personal style. Luckily for the readers of Pin Up Persuasion, Voodoo Vixen is feeling festive and offering an exclusive 20% off discount code PINUP20 valid now until January 31st. So don’t worry if Santa doesn’t bring you everything on your wishlist, Voodoo Vixen has you covered!

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