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Winter Tartan Chic

The one thing I am not fond of living in Canada are our cold and snowy winters but luckily they are becoming slightly milder in recent years. As the chillier temps set in, I am quickly reaching my frocks with long sleeves to keep me warm and still looking fabulous. When I heard the news…


Autumn/Winter Brings Hot New Releases!

As we transition into a new season, we can surely expect some spectacular new releases from our favorite vintage reproduction brands. Although I am a diehard summer loving gal, Autumn will always hold a special place in my heart. For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, Autumn and Winter are the longest months…


Be Merry, Be Fabulous, Be You!

When the seasons begin to change, I find myself eager in anticipation to see all of the new designs being released from our favorite vintage reproduction designers. That said, I was personally on the hunt for practical dresses with longer sleeves to wear through the colder months and most importantly…wouldn’t break the bank just before…